Senior Stylist and Creative Director, Monika has been in the salon industry for over twenty years. Zonolite Hair Studio represents the fourth incarnation of her vision for great hair and personalized care in Atlanta, following on the success of Parkside Hair Salon, Studio Biba, and SalonMe & Medspa. “The energy and style of a salon is always evolving, just like our personal style. It’s important to reinvent our environment every so often to reflect growth and change that we feel within and around us.”

Originally from the beautiful city of Krakow, in Poland, Monika describes her aesthetic as a blend of old-world European flair with the best of American originality and inventiveness. A practitioner of the Sahag dry-cutting technique, she is known for the precision of her haircuts, the subtleties of her color, and her ability to interpret and craft a style that looks like it was made for you and your hair! As one of her clients puts it, “How do you judge a great haircut? I’ve learned: By the way it grows out… perfect.” If you feel your current hairstyle doesn’t quite express what you want it to, a consultation with Monika may be a pleasant surprise.

Her work and her style have been recognized in various national and local publications, such as Allure, Cosmopolitan, Lucky, Vogue, Jezebel, Atlanta Magazine, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and more. She also  has been featured on Good Morning Atlanta as a top make-over specialist.

When she’s not at the salon, Monika’s creativity finds an outlet in the unique knitwear and jewelry she makes, some of which you’ll see on display. Now that both kids are in college, she has even more time in which to create: “The whole house is a studio!” Other passions and pastimes include hiking Sweetwater park with her dog, thrifting junkets, Politics and Philosophy − a European tradition, and painting.