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Red Hot for Summer

Red Hot Summer Hair


Bangin’ Bangs

Bangs or fringe have always been in style. The style of bangs, however, has varied greatly. Trends make their way into hair fashion, then reappear years later. A good example of this is the iconic Bettie Page bang of the fifties that has become popular lately in the edgier, hipster scene. The heavy shag bangs from the sixties and seventies also have come back into style. I am a big fan of this look.

Eighties and nineties fans are anxiously awaiting the return of bouffant bangs. Hmm… I hope we skip that trend!!

Bangs can make a big statement and completely change the way someone looks. That’s why celebrities love to add them to their look all the time. They can work for every face shape. Here are some helpful tips to figure out what type of bang works best for you.

Square Face Shape

Square Face Shape. These are long eye-grazing bangs that taper on the sides to frame the face. Why they work: This softens the square face shape. Heavy bangs like this need to hit at the right place or they can overwhelm your face. They should be cut just below the eyebrows and be heaviest on the sides. The center strands can be feathery so a little bit of forehead shows. These bangs also work well for the heart face shape.

Round Face Shape

Round Face Shape. Why they work: The gentle arching fringe compliments Jennifer Hudson’s soft, feminine features. Be careful! Bangs can make a circular face appear even fuller, so the right cut is key. A blunt, yet curved shape will flatter your bone structure. Make sure the bangs are thick; wispy does not have the same impact.

Heart Face Shape; Oval Face Shape

Heart Face Shape. Why they work: Heart-shaped faces can be a little top-heavy. Side-swept bangs have a balancing effect and draw attention down towards the eyes. They work best as layered, feathered bangs. The shortest piece should hit the arch of the eyebrows and the longest piece should meet the outer corners of the eyes.

Oval Face Shape. Why they work: Pretty much any fringe works with an oval-shaped face. These textured, pin-straight bangs accentuate the prettiest parts of the face without seeming bulky. They can be worn as side-swept bangs or straight with a middle part.

Short Forehead

Short Forehead. Why they work: This sloping asymmetrical fringe makes a short forehead seem stronger and more pronounced. This is cut on a steep side-swept angle that blends into the cheek bone layers. These bangs also require a deep side part, which is flattering for many face shapes.

Here are some edgier styles to consider:

That covers face shape and trends, but there are a few other things to think about when considering bangs.

Prominent features can be highlighted or nuanced with the addition of bangs. For example, large or asymmetrical eyes can be toned down and a larger nose will become more pronounced with heavier bangs. Choosing on which side you part a side-swipe can draw attention away from a facial feature you’re not fond of (we all have one or have had one in the past).

Time. For most people, bangs do require an extra step or two to get ready. Do you have those few extra minutes to style your bangs? Is your hair straight or curly? If your hair is curly, you may need a little more time to style your bangs than someone with straight hair.

Maintenance. Bang trims are usually needed every three to four weeks, which is sooner than most people get their hair cut. Some salons charge for that and some don’t. I offer free bang trims between haircuts.

Climate. Lastly, there’s the heat and humidity to consider when making your decision to get bangs. In Georgia, you all know it gets pretty hot and sticky! If you spend a lot of time outside, you may not want heavy bangs that end up matted to your forehead or remain pinned back most of the time. When the weather does cool off, I add fuller bangs to my hair. I keep those around for a couple of months and then grow them the rest of the year, wearing them as side bangs.

Who knew there was so much that goes into adding bangs to your hairstyle? Remember, if you are still unsure as to the style you would like to choose, you can always drop in for a consultation. As an experienced, passionate, and accomplished hair stylist, I have a good eye for what works best with each individual when it comes to hair.

That’s my Big Bang Theory. See you guys soon! — Nicky